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ollyyears: she smiles for money

smiling_for_money: Photo credit Hannah Murray.

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You’ll never have me… ever.

Sign the petition to get the original ending!

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Emily Browning + Instagram

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I’ve only just started an Instagram account which I’m really bad at. I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know what pictures to put up. It’s like, ‘Me eating pizza.’ I’ll probably get rid of it soon, because it kind of gives me anxiety.
- Emily Browning
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Browning: School kept me grounded

Emily Browning has credited staying at school with helping her cope with growing up in the spotlight.

The 25-year-old Australian star began acting aged 10, appearing in films such as Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events. But unlike other former child stars her age, Emily has managed not to let fame affect her.

Emily said: ” I came to LA when I was about 14 and I took a year off from regular schooling and I was just working with a tutor - and I hated it! I was just like, ‘Man I want to be back with my friends.’

"And then I went back home and intentionally took three years off to finish high school, and I think that definitely helped. I think it’s important to have some semblance of a normal upbringing.

"When I first wanted to start acting, my parents kind of freaked out about it. They definitely never pushed me in that direction and they wanted to make sure I was getting enough time at school between jobs.

And it definitely has to do with my parents - they always instilled in us that mentality of ‘you are special but so is everyone else’.

"It was like, ‘You’re making this film but your brother has this really important basketball game that we’re going to go and watch.’ They just didn’t give a s*** really, which was nice."

The Magic Magic star doesn’t court celebrity - and admitted she struggles with social networking.

She revealed: “I don’t have a Twitter account, I think there are some fake ones out there. I’ve had a look at them a couple of times and it’s quite funny.

"But I can’t do it, it freaks me out. I’ve only just started an Instagram account which I’m really bad at. I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know what pictures to put up. It’s like, ‘Me eating pizza.’ I’ll probably get rid of it soon, because it kind of gives me anxiety.

"But the idea of Twitter - I can’t. I just don’t think I have anything interesting to say.

"But it is strange to know that there are people tweeting as me who have probably never met me. It’s very odd."

:: Emily stars in Magic Magic which is released in cinemas and on Virgin Movies from April 18, and on DVD from April 28, 2014.

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Browning drawn to damaged roles

Emily Browning has joked her character seems to end up in a mental institution in every film she appears in.

The 25-year-old Australian actress has played a string of mentally unstable characters of late and admitted she finds herself attracted to characters who don’t fit in.

The Summer In February star revealed: “I seem to be in some kind of institution in every single film that I do. I’ve definitely played that kind of character before, the girl who’s slowly losing her mind.

"I never pick something based on the genre, I just read a script and if I love it I want to be a part of it.

It’s not really intentional but I just tend to be drawn to these characters that don’t quite fit into regular society. And I always found those characters slightly more interesting.”

In her upcoming films Shangri-La Suite and God Help The Girl, Emily plays characters in rehabilitation centres. So in new thriller Magic Magic, Emily was relieved to be cast as a fairly normal person, while Juno Temple played her cousin, who was going crazy.

Emily said: “It was interesting to be on the outside of that in Magic Magic. To be the character who’s watching, because I’m so used to being that girl who’s losing it. It was nice, actually it was a bit of a relief.

"I remember when Juno and I first read the script, Sebastian [SIlva the director] wasn’t sure who he wanted in which role and I remember thinking ‘I think it’s better if Juno plays Alicia, I think it’s good that I’m not the crazy person in every single film that I do!’."

Emily is also due to star in Pompeii, directed by Paul WS Anderson and co-starring Game Of Thrones hunk Kit Harrington.

She revealed: “That’s very different. It’s a big blockbuster-y film. It’s a love story set in the last few days of Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius erupts.

"So it’s an epic action romance disaster film, with lots of explosions and gladiators and swords and boys with their shirts off, so it’s lots of fun."

:: Magic Magic is released in cinemas and on Virgin Movies from April 18, and on DVD from April 28, 2014.


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[My parents] would totally expect it to be honest and just say, ‘Oh that’s nice darling.’
- Emily Browning on possibly playing a serial killer in the future
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I just read the book, Helter Skeltor about the Charles Manson murders. It’s dark and horrible but the woman who actually killed Sharon Tate, they called her Sadie May. I was reading about this woman who seemed the most bat-shit, bonkers person on earth and so interesting. I’d really love to play like a serial killer. It would be so dark, weird and fascinating to get into that mindset. I’d like to play a bad guy, I always seem to play quite innocent characters.
- Emily Browning (x)
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Petition Release the originally intended ending of 'Sucker Punch'

Since a lot of people are really loving the old test photos/stills we found, we figured we would post this again because if you ever do want more Sucker Punch…. signing this might help!

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God Help the Girl Review by EBF (aka an Emily Browning fan’s honest/unbiased opinion)


Strike throughs for spoilers. Read with caution!

So of course, I’m biased. However, as most of you may know… I didn’t really LOVE Plush, I thought it was comedic and really… uh experimental and I was just happy to hear more singing from Emily. I really, really disliked Pompeii and I hated Summer in February (the concept was amazing; the directors or whoever was behind those cameras should never work again). Kill me now, I know. Magic Magic was the last thing I loved, and even that is something that many people probably don’t really get. Honestly, if it wasn’t because of all the talent I know Emily has (her acting she’s shown in past projects, her singing, etc.) I would have probably given up by now. But let’s be real, I was excited for GHTG the minute it was announced. Hannah Murray co-starring? Stuart Murdoch directing? MORE MUSIC?????? INDIE MUSIC????? HIPSTER JOKES???? Yes. 

Like most people who have actually somehow held onto the faith that one day Emily would get to put her voice, talent, and intelligence to use again sometime this century… I was not expecting to see GHTG any time soon. However, I got lucky and I was able to see the movie. Going into it, I knew the essentials of what to expect. I honestly expected to be more emotionally moved by certain scenes especially those within the hospital, though a scene where Eve is shown vomiting while trying to recover from anorexia/bulimia is indeed really painful to watch but I think that I was already so invested in this movie that these scenes weren’t as shocking as they might’ve been to someone else. 

What I didn’t expect at all was just how funny GHTG would be. It was hysterical. Olly Alexander deserves so many nods for his perfect comedic timing, and I really think he stole the show a lot of times. I also wanted to punch Boulanger’s character in the face numerous times, so I guess he did a fantastic job too! Yay for him, get him some brownies or something quick. Hannah Murray’s character, Cassie, I am sad to say was miserably underplayed. She’s a fantastic actress and I’m a big fan of hers. I have no idea what she/they were trying to do with her character, but I felt like she could have been easily replaced with a fence post or a figment of Eve and James’ imagination and we would have had the same results. I am deeply sorry for these comments by the way, I really do love her. But it’s just true. She really needed more development. And her singing…………. I still can’t tell if that was on purpose? But, jesus christ, my ears. 

The best scenes are the ones that either include weird dancing, crazy comedic odd ball moments or just plain SINGING! Especially by Emily Browning, and that’s not even biased. She did some of her best vocal work I’ve heard in this movie, and a whole lot of it. You can also see how she played out her character’s vocal development through the film which was really fascinating to watch, and realistic. Not everyone just wakes up singing perfectly one day. Some of the drama was sort of melodramatic, I’m starting to believe that Emily is much better being funny - and I hope she does more funny movies; or tongue in cheek sort of things which is something I never thought I’d want for her career. I don’t mean to say I want her in The Hangover or anything, but she needs to be funny more. And believe that she is capable of being funny, because if only she could see how hard the audience was laughing especially when Eve showed up dressed as James’ assistant for Cass’ music lesson. 

The cameos by the original real GHTG singers were amazingly sweet. The film ended on sort of an awkward note. Positive, but awkward. I’m not really sure how they could have done it better, since it was clear that Eve really needed to leave her summer friends behind and start a life of her own, hopefully fully recovered -though the interesting part is we’ll never know whether or not she even got healthy, let alone forged a career in music for herself. 

So, after that massive essay I leave you with a 9.5/10 rating as far as Emily films go. It’s probably my new favorite of hers, which is particularly shocking because I never thought I’d utter those words. As far as movies in general, everyone in the audience was a different age, gender and race and they all seemed to laugh at certain parts but I could sense a little bit of confusion during some scenes which are definitely not things that everyone has experienced in their life. I guess it all depends. 

Now, let us pray for a vinyl or at least every song in full - and for a national and international release date all over! 

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Emily talks Twilight, the Magic Magic cast, and her desire to play a serial killer

Type Emily Browning’s name into Google and you’ll notice that her most talked about film is one she isn’t in: Twilight.

The author of the vampire trilogy, Stephanie Meyer, said the Australian actress was her “favourite choice” to play lead protagonist Bella Swan.

However, Emily decided not to audition.

“I was never offered the role but I was asked to audition and I chose not to. It didn’t really seem like the right thing for me at the time.”

In 2009, Emily cited “exhaustion” for the snub and American rising star Kristen Stewart went on to play the sought-after part.

Does she regret missing out on the opportunity to get within sniffing distance of Robert Pattinson and the fact her career could have sky-rocketed to stratospheric heights?

“No, I’m pretty happy that I didn’t. I don’t think I would have been able to handle the kind of attention from the media and the public that those guys have had to endure,” she told us.

"I think it’s pretty intense for them. I feel pretty comfortable in my choice not to go after that.”

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Anonymous asked: is the Sucker Punch promo picture new as in it's been released recently or new as in you've only just found it??

I just found it. It was posted in 2012 and taken in 2009.

And to clear up the confusion I saw in the tags, there isn’t a sequel in the works.

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New/old Sucker Punch promotional photo

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Babydoll makeup test

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