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Emily Browning and Tom Hardy on the set of Legend

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Emily Browning is a talented actress who is on the verge of becoming a star. She is best known for her roles in “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “Sucker Punch” and recently “Pompeii”, but she impressed me the most with her fearless performance in “Sleeping Beauty”. But acting prowess aside, her most noticeable asset must be her unusual looks. Browning has one of these faces you cannot look away from, a very distinctive combination of interesting features a good director cannot help but take advantage of (only Zack Snyder was foolish enough to make her unrecognizable with the help of tasteless make-up and bleached hair). No femme fatale can be found on her acting resume yet, so she might be inclined to add one to it. My suggestion: Put her into a period drama, maybe as a decadent, scheming Rococo-duchess with a magnificent wig or as a taciturn kitchen maid working for a rich noble family in the Victorian period, who is secretly poisoning each family member one by one.

endless list of horror movies → the uninvited ( 2009 )

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Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5 Favorite Movies] 

The Uninvited (2009)

"I did exactly what you told me to."


"I finished what I started."

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New God Help the Girl still

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