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Anonymous asked: I was watching the Pompeii interview and read a comment that said, "It's so funny to see these actresses who, a few years earlier were holding their noses in the air and saying how they had no interest in Hollywood or pursuing a career in the U.S., inevitably showing up in the most absurd, asinine Hollywood schlock/shit-bombs imaginable. And in 3-D!!!!!!! " is it true that she once said she wouldn't do Hollywood films?

She pretty much started off with Lemony Snicket ($140 million budget)  so idk where they’re getting that information from. She’s always said she loves to do both indie AND big budget Hollywood films

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Emily Browning photographed by Benni Valsson

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Emily Browning in Talks to Join Tom Hardy in Crime Thriller 'Legend'

Brian Helgeland is directing Working Title’s period project.

Emily Browning is in talks to join Tom Hardy in Legends, a Working Title period drama to be directed by Brian Helgeland.

Hardy has the unique challenge of portraying Reggie and Ronnie Kray, identical twin brothers infamous for their criminal exploits in London during the 1950s and 1960s.

Browning will play a young woman who tragically falls for Reggie and marries him, hoping he will change his gangster ways.

The movie, written by Helgeland (he previously wrote and directed the period baseball movie 42), will shoot in London later this spring and go into summer.

Browning last appeared in the disaster movie Pompeii. Her other recent credits include Mike Leigh’s indie drama Sleeping Beauty and the creepy thriller Magic Magic, also starring Michael Cera and Juno Temple.

She is repped by UTA, Signpost Management, Catherine Poulton in Australia and Jackoway Tyerman.

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New/old Sucker Punch make-up tests

Credits: Larry Fong and Rosalina Da Silva

Emily Browning by Benni Valsson

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New God Help the Girl still

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Sucker Punch (2011) inspired color palette
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A strange thing happens to me that I’m sure happens to a lot of actors when the camera starts rolling. I’m not ‘me’ any more.

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For me, I see film making as art.

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God Help the Girl screening in Newport Beach, CA

There will also be an after party (which is 21+). You can get more information and tickets by clicking on the link above! Even more info here

Anonymous asked: How many brothers does Emily have? On her instagram she posted a picture with three, but I thought she only had two?

3. The younger one is only from her dad’s side, her parents divorced a really long time ago.

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Emily Browning Photoshoot for InStyle magazine (2014)

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A-Z of Emily Browning

—> I is for Interviews

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